Chanel Summer Night Handbag *pic* $3395

  1. The WSJ did a spread the big handbag trend. I posted in the General Handbag & Purse subforum.

    Giant Handbags are Gettin Bigger and Hefty Handbags Slideshow

    But they had a pic of one of the upcoming Chanel bags for summer. Here it is:

  2. hmm Maxter- I think I kind of like it... would love to see in real life
  3. thanks so much for sharing...
  4. Addison, what do you think it is made of? Hard to tell from the rendition in the picture.
  5. thanks for posting, i wonder what its made from?
  6. ^ yeah I am wondering too, whatever it is made from it is very expensive- intersting bag...
  7. oh Maxita!! That is a swankly little bag!
    Do you like it?
    I'd have to see it IRL, but it looks pretty special.
  8. It looks lovely......jus wondering if it looks fabulous IRL~~
  9. yeah it looks sequins to me too :p
  10. yea it's definitely in sequins. i don't think i'll spend that load of cash on sequins that will most probably ruin my clothings if i were to carry it on me IMO!
  11. I think it's a really cool novelty bag.

    This isn't for someone that is looking for something to carry a lot, but someone who collects or wants to add a really unique piece.
  12. I don't like it that much. I like some large bags, but that just does not scream $3000+ bag to me.
  13. that bag looks very cheap for $3000. It reminds me of the sequin bags I used to carry in my tween days. Plus, after a little wear and tear I would be worried the sequins will come loose.
  14. Thanks for sharing