Chanel stores and SA - a little intimidating???

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  1. I'm a little shy. I don't own a chanel bag. And, I'm not really a big spender.

    However, in the recent months, I've developed a new appreciation for designer purses and accessories. I own, a Dior purse as well as a few Gucci, YSL, and Coach purses. I have to say that walking into those stores for the first time was very initmidating especially since i do not really dress up to go shopping. I'm a very dress down kind of girl - as in jeans, sneaks, and tee kind of girl....

    Now i have $1300 to spare and would like to invest on my very first chanel. i am aware that most of the classic bags have a higher price tag, but i have to set a limit on my first purchase due to personal and financial reasons...

    Here's my question, do you think it would be tacky for me to go up to a SA and let them know, "this is all i have, can you tell me what i can get within this price range?"

    generally, how would a SA treat a customer like me - with such limited means?

    I'm a little paranoid (can you tell!)... for some reason, that scene on Pretty Woman keeps popping in my head :sad:
  2. It depends on an SA. A good SA is friendly and welcoming to those who are just looking. Others are not so great. If you don't find an SA you're happy with, don't hestitate to try another one or a different store. Like any store, there are good and bag SAs. IMHO, confidence regardless of your financial status goes a long way in getting good treatment from anyone.

    I haven't had a bad experience at my local Chanel but a horrid experience in Las Vegas. I was carrying Chanel and I was more dressed up than most in the store and the SA was still seriously lacking in social graces and CS. I only share this in your post just to let you know that even those of us who may be carrying the bags and dressed well can be treated poorly. Admittedly, it is less likely but it has happened! Just go in with confidence and you'll be fine.
  3. Dear,

    They are working there, not you. You should never be intimidated by an SA. EVER! I don't care if you only have $300 to spare.

    It's their responsibility to treat you in a dignified manner. It's their job.

    Do whatever makes you comfortable.

    My SA here is wonderful. However, I've had an experience at LV where the little man was a wench. I politely asked to see his manager, expressed my concern and discontent with his behavior and have since been helped solely by the manager.

    These SA's unfortunately may forget sometimes because they are working in luxury goods that they are WORKING. You can always politely remind them of that.

    If you want a nice item and do not mind a used item, ebay has a lot of great things, there are very trusted resellers and anything you may need to question would be welcomed in the "Authenticate This Chanel".
  4. ^i see what you are saying but unfortunatly not all SA's share your veiws. I don't want to scare you off- because I have met some really helpful SA's. However- there are many people who could you with prices on Chanels under $1300 here on TPF and can provide many photos (you will end up more informed than the SA!)- I think for a couple more dollars you could get a PST or wallet on Chanin or a timeless cluth at around $1000-$1100 (not very sure on prices as I am from UK)
  5. Couldn't have said it better myself!!:flowers:
  6. dont be embarrassed or shy... 1300 is STILL a lot of money..
    If all you have or all you want to spend on a bag is $1300- that is your choice...Dont let anybody intimidate you. Feel good and great that you even have $1300 to spare.. I know I dont right now and there are alot of others out there that dont have it either... including the SA's..
    Talk to the SA and let them know your concerns... and if you dont find something suitable or that you like for 1300 dont push the purschase, save the money and maybe wait to the upcoming sale ( if you can wait that long). There are lots of good bags that pop up on sale- not the classics though, even some of the trendy bags are great to carry all year round and forever for that matter... KWIM
    Thats just my 2 cents worth....
    I am pissed at myself right now, because I had some things come up and I am dead broke- I am carrying around a $3k purse and dont have no where near $3k in it- or liquid funds I can get to.....and I dont use credit cards... so all my purchases were cash...
  7. no way.

    if you are concerned, just dress up, wear some nice make up, put on your CL shoes and YSL or Dior purse to go there. and dont leave your confidence home.
  8. Great advice from SumKinda and ItsMyWorld. My advice is save up a little more and you can afford a PST! The current retail is $1375 not including taxes.

  9. The SA should always treat you with respect, although in real life this isn't always the case. On the Chanel shopping subforum there is a thread about recommended SAs from other TPFers if you live by some of them. Otherwise, I would just pick the SA that smiles at you and doesn't stand around and ignore you (can you tell I've had my fair share of snotty SAs?)

    I think it would help ease your fears if you did a little research, maybe on the reference forum? The prices are listed and you can check out all the styles so you won't be at the mercy of an SA for information.

    And IMO yes, I do think it is a tad tacky to tell an SA "this is all I got".. I would tell them it is a gift for someone and that is the budget, or rephrase it in a more discreet way. Good luck! :smile:
  10. I was 19 when I first bought my Chanel bag and I had a $1,200 budget from my father. The SA I dealt with at South Coast Plaza's Chanel was extremely sweet. I told her, "I'm buying my first Chanel bag, what can we find within my $1,200 budget?" It saves everyone involved a lot of time... the SA will know just what bags to show you.

    Don't be intimidated. Remember: you are the client. She is only there to help you.
  11. I agree with everyone above and totally understand why you feel intimidated.
    But try to have a fresh perspective on things.
    in what normal world, having $1300 to spend on a purse considered having "limited finances" where you should feel intimidated! you have $1300 to spare! You ARE a big spender! I'd say you are probably financially better off than 99% of the world population.
    Be proud of $ 1300 that you have that most dont. walk in there and demand your purse!
  12. ^Amen, monkeybutt!
  13. i like that! if you put it that way, i don't feel too bad anymore! thanks for the vote of confidence!!! :yes:
  14. ^One of my friends walked into the boutique in Orlando and just flat out told the SA, that she was just looking, had a bit of money saved up for her first Chanel and just wanted to have an idea what that amount would buy, and shared this with the SA. She was pleasantly surprised the SA was very sweet and gave her an idea of what prices to expect to pay for the bags in the display. He then said, wait I have something to show you, went in the back and pulled out a mysterious box which had an older bag with its 2005 price tag - guess what! She bought it on the spot, she had enough money for it, that was sweeeeeeet! It was the med caviar flap (black w/ silver), from 2005 unbelievable! This happened last summer, lol, but I am constantly amazed myself whenever I walk in store and the SA would show me something that was left over, which could be old stock or returns or misplaced display, or simply forgotten or hidden somewhere by other SA's. LOL :woot:
  15. The first time I met my SA that is what I said, "I likely won't be buying anything today but I would really like to get some info." She couldn't have been nicer and we've had a great relationship since. : )