Chanel Spring 08 trunk show Neimans B.H.

  1. Hey Ladies. I just got back from the Chanel Spring 2008 trunk show at Neiman's in Beverly Hills. Wow!!! Lot's of beautiful bags. Lots of beautiful colors, patent is big in the spring and much smaller bags...thank God. And yes they have fixed the problem with the new Modern Chain bags and they even have them in the smaller sizes. Sorry no pics because my camera just broke. :yahoo:
  2. i keep asking this question! ~ & i'm going to ask you too! ~ lol! ~ did you see the metallic green reissue? ~ & did you see any red patent with silver h/w? ~ infact tell us about everything you saw! ~ please! ~ :lol:
  3. How exciting!! I wish I could've gone too!! ^^Yes, yes, yes!! Please do!
  4. Yes I did see a cute red patent small bowler bag with siber hardware and I think red plastic links. Patent bags with plasic links are big for the spring. There were alot of reissue flap bags leather perforated leather that is really soft like suede with silver hardware. Most of the new bags were small. And many different colors.
  5. Was that today only?
    I could go tomorrow :nuts::nuts:
  6. lucky you~
  7. I went today too. They did not have the green metallic reissue. They had items that I have already seen posted on this forum. I saw the purple reissue 226, navy metallic reissue 228, navy metallic reissue clutch, red patent reissue clutches. The reds had gold hardware...not silver.

    I saw the plastic link bags which I ignored...I did not like them.

    I think the trunk show is also on tomorrow...I know it started today. I would call first to make sure.

    I thought the reissues were the best of the bunch!
  8. kdb: what did you think of the navy metallic reissue--would you say the color is too similar to the navy patent jumbo from 07? TIA
  9. I think it is very different. I also LOVE the navy patent and have looked at all your pics of them very closely, many times. The metallic is really a nice metallic...the pics I have seen here on the forum really do represent how they look very well. It is also different from the patent jumbo because it is a reissue. The chain and look of the bag is very different. I really like both and I think they are not similar at all.

    Try to stop by the trunk show tomorrow (call first and make sure it is still on) if you can and check it out!!:smile:

  10. I am wondering how they fixed the chain problem and what size is a small size for the MC. Did they tell you?
  11. I'll be in the area tomorrow. I hope the trunk show is still going on when I swing by. Thanks for the info!
  12. i cant wait to see the new chanels tomarrow
  13. I'm not sure how they fixed the plastic chain problem but they did and they are hitting all the stores soon. B.H. Chanel has the modern chain totes with the plastic links back and I am considering getting one. I like the all black look.
  14. thank you lisa & KDB for replying ~ i am really coveting something in bright red patent now! ~ :love:
  15. i hope i can be there....*sob* *sob*