Chanel Small Flap

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  1. Last month I bought my first Chanel. Small Flap Lambskin with Gold Hardware.
    I paid $3,500 Canadian tax included. I was just looking at the worldwide prices chart, but couldn't find the price for this bag. Is the price correct?
  2. Sounds really expensive when I convert it to UK pounds! I am sure its about 1800ish UK pounds to buy a medium lambskin flap!
  3. Did you buy it at a Chanel store? Price seems too high.
  4. Yes I bought it at the Montreal Chanel Store. That's what I thought too, the price seemed too high?!
  5. Actually it says 1920 pounds for a medium in the uk but $3500 Canadian dollars is about 2117 pounds in the UK. For a small it is rather expensive! :wtf:

    And in UK its quite expensive already compared to USA!
  6. Is it possible they over charged me?
  7. They very well may have overcharge you. The only thing I can think of is the Canadian prices even with conversion tend to be higher than US ones on luxury items. You should call the boutique and have an SA quote you the price for a small flap.
  8. Any there any fellow Canadian TPFers that know the CAD pricing for this bag?
  9. Congrats on your new Chanel flap - It's expensive but you will LOVE her forever!~
  10. I feel like it sounds high...but Congrats! I think the money sort of starts to blur once you become a Chanel addict! :P
  11. So So TRUE! ;)
  12. True and scary at that! "funny money"
  13. ^LOL!

    Yes, Chanel is expensive in Canada...