Chanel shoe, vote!


Should I?

  1. White with heels

  2. White without heels

  3. Black with heels

  4. Black without

  5. Nah, get other chanel shoes

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm seriously considering buying these boots.... Opinions?
    Should I get them in white? black? with high heels (white has high heels)? without (black is flat)? Or totally not?? :smile:

  2. i like the black over the knee... i'm assuming it has the same toe detail (in white for contrast)?
  3. I'd love that in white!
  4. The black over the knee - those are hot!!!
  5. The black boots are black on black!

    And thanks everyone!! I'm getting the high heels black boots as soon as they ship from warehouse!!! :biggrin:
  6. The Black ones...White may make your calves look wider...but that could just be me..I got fat calves to begin with...;-P
  7. I love the black ones, they are easier to match in winter