Chanel shoe shopping

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  1. I have been shopping for shoes, so here are some of the Chanel shoes I bought. Pics to follow below!

    Chanel Flats

    Chanel Sandals

    Chanel Heels
    I was looking at a pair of these today at Saks.....yummy!
  3. Awww thanks!
    I hope you get the shoes you were looking at! ;)
  4. Nice!
  5. great shoes! congrats on wonderful finds!
  6. Thanks a lot! :smile:
  7. Pretty. How do the elastic ones - flats & heels - fit? Are they snug such that you have to size up 1/2 or 1 whole size?
  8. I love them!!
  9. how much is the first pair?
  10. love, love your shoes!!! great choices
  11. Just the regular size up. Since Chanel shoes always run small. Always!
    Even my Chanel riding boots! haha

    Ummm ok.
    The $510 were the sandals. I don't know how much the chanel flats were because I throw receipts all the time. So I'm guessing its over $500.
  12. great choices. congrats!
  13. I love the elastic heels -- are they as comfy as they look???
  14. Ooh yes!! They are extremely comfy! The flats and heels (both of them have the elastic part) are very much so!
  15. Wow, great choices, congratulations!!