Chanel Rouge Allure luminous satin lip color

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  1. I've learnt that the Chanel Rouge Allure luminous satin lip color has won a no. of awards within these two years. However, it is a rather expensive lipstick. Has anyone tried it and is it worth the steep price?TIA
  2. I bought 2 Rouge Allure lipsticks.
    They are really good.
    They are separated into 3 categories, one is like a gloss without shimmer, one is matte and i think the last one is sheer.
    I uses alot of Chanel lipstick and lipgloss, Chanel lip products are really good.
    If you think the prices are steep, why don't you check out the colors first. there have 6 new colors for this summer and they are really pretty.
  3. I LOVE Chanel lipsticks!:love: Seriously. I could probably (if I had to) go to lower-priced mascara, blush, and eye shadow, but for lipstick? I only buy Chanel or Dior. I like something that doesn't feel heavy, dry, or sticky, and the Aqualumiere line from Chanel feels moist, but has enough pigment in it so that its not too sheer.
  4. i have 4 of them...

    a red
    a pink
    a light beigy shimmer one
    and a lovely pale browny one

    they are HOT!! last a while and just look stunning the colors are soo great
  5. Love them.
  6. i love them too.....beautiful colors in beautiful packaging :tup:
  7. I have 10 of them and adore them! My fav right now is Desirable since it's a punchy pink and great for the warmer months. I'm a m/u addict but they're def worth their price. The tube is just so much fun also!:tup:
  8. Since the responses so far about the lipstick have been positive, I have decided to get two to try them out. I agree with bluewin, the colors are very attractive indeed. I hope they are longlasting, as I do not like to re-apply my lipstick every 2-3 hours. I only do so after meals.Thanks very much for everybody's advice.
  9. I feel as if I do have to re-apply often but the only time I have not had to reapply is with the Too Faced lip gloss, so I would be a bad one to ask. I think I chew my lips. The colors are gorgeous. You will love them.
  10. On me, they're long lasting. I just reapply right after a meal and voila! I'm done!
  11. yep - definately worth the money
  12. Love em - best lipstick I've ever used!
  13. I am addicted to them - you will love them! I find them worth every cent.
  14. I've been using my Rouge Allure for over a week now. Yes, I'm definitely a convert. It has all the qualities a good lipstick should have:good colors, staying power,moisturization,comfort and good packaging. I guess I'll be into Chanel cosmetics as well, apart from their handbags:yahoo:
  15. I have Silhouette - a perfect brownish-pink. Love it!