Chanel Reporter Bag Black with White C's

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  1. Hi all, I'm new to this site and I live up in Calgary, Canada. I really want the reporter bag but it's expensive up here. I was wondering what the prices are going for this bag elsewhere. I just bought a B bag but I really want the reporter bag, that would be my first Chanel bag. :shame:
  2. $3000+ USD retail here in the US (at least at the Hawaii boutique, sometimes our prices are slightly higher or lower depending on brand).
  3. For Large size it is 3175+tax
    Mini(actually not that small) is 2625+tax.
  4. arrr really yeah that's how much it is up here, thanks...i guess i'll just have to wait :sad:
  5. I'm from Calgary too! I bet we have been eyeing the same bag in the Chanel Boutique at HR! Its gorgeous but WAY out of my price range ATM. I can't justify spending that much on a bag since I tend to buy "it" bags and then they collect dust in my closet. What about the bowling bag? I actually prefer it over the reporter!
  6. i hear what u're saying...i could have bought myself a condo with all the money i spent on bags...:weird:
  7. Yay, Calgary gals... I'm from Vancouver. Anyone from Van?
  8. Does Victoria count? --I practically live in Vancouver seeing as victoria is the size of my fist :biggrin:
  9. 4 ever eternity= how much is the reporter bag in calgary??

    *waves* I am from van!!
  10. yay, guccigirl2000 you're my neighborina. MissV, too! Victoria's not THAT small, guccigirl! i like to think that Victoria is Van's tsunami blocker. :worried:
  11. the reporter bag is the same price in calgary ~ MissV, why? Not to be nosy or anything... or wait i KNOW --- NO TAX? wait a sec, is there tax in Alberta? hahah I'm not particularly well known for my general knowledge
  12. HAHAHA it's good to know that we're needed :biggrin: . Yea, I guess I'm selling my Island a little is rather scenic, just lacks the shopping that I crave :P
  13. gummy: alberta has one tax 7%
  14. MissV the reporter bag here is 3Gs so with tax it comes to $3,210.00
  15. The reporter bag has always piqued my interest. It's growing on me steadily but they are out of my price range right now. What are other's opinion on this bag? How does it feel when carried? In pictures, it's quite boxy and looks kind of awkward under the arm but I still like it.

    What do you all think?

    Also, I spotted an ebay auction for a black on black one (it would be the color combo I'd want). What are the chanel expert's thoughts on this auction? BTW, I know nothing about Chanel ^^;

    Also, is it really the small or the large size? According to the price reference in the previous post, the cost of the bag should be for a small(?)

    TIA! :amuse:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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