chanel repair question

  1. I have a chanel bag that shows a little bit of wear on the bottom corners (it's caviar). I haven't used it that much and it's less than a year old so I gave it to repair. But then I remembered someone who said they repaint the bag and it comes out really stiff and not the same. I don't want them to do that, can't they just touch a tiny corner. I'm getting nervous now...
  2. If you could live with it, don't let them touch your bag. You never know the outcome. Could be better. Could be worse.
  3. I think it should be okay. :smile: The issues with stiffness were with lambskin leather. Apparently, some bags after coming back from repairs lost their plushness, etc (I've heard of people recommending Barbara at LMB, who does a great job with lamb leather repairs). Since your bag is caviar, and it's just a corner issue, I think it will come back perfect. :smile:
  4. Hey.
    I've also been having problems with my 2.55
    It was given to me by my grandmother in June, and it's pretty old. I think she bought it in Paris a long time ago. Anyway, so the leather on the bottom right corner is very worn, but I have contacted a repair company about that so it's not a problem, but the silver CC metal work on the fastener on the flap has come off. I brought it out last night, and was shocked and devastated to discover that the metal work had disappeared. I'm so upset, please does anybody have any advice?
  5. Take the bag to Chanel. They'll have to send it off but the hardware can be replaced.