Chanel Reissue Lambskin

  1. Has anyone seen it and how much? I am looking for black in gold hardware :smile:
  2. Hmmm... all reissues are in distressed calfskin.... they are much softer than Caviar, but they are not lambskin.

    I know they are releasing the black in gold HW again this season, they might not be out yet, you should call Saks, NM or the Chanel boutiques to reserve one, they might be here any time now.. good luck.

    EDIT: Price will depend on the size that you want, check out the recent threads (they were many since December), there were look books, info on sizes and prices.
  3. [​IMG]

    Has someone seen this in the store? Is this reissue?
  4. Is this the only picture you have?

    Chanel released a black distressed calfskin 2.55 w/gold hardware in 2005, and then again in limited quantities in 2007. We hear rumor that there will be more available in 2008, also in limited quantities, but no one has reported seeing them in stores yet.
  5. there isn't any reissues that comes in lambskin. perhaps the one you saw maybe a true vintage or a fake. do you have more detailed piccies of the bag? anyhooo, wahhh.. there will be more reissues in distressed calfskin for 2008, Mon? any intel on what color and hardware will they be coming in?? TIA! ;)
  6. I am looking for the 2.55 re-issue in black/gold hw medium size. I have called my Chanel boutique in Chicago and a few NM's to place my name on a list. (Not even sure if black/gold hw will even be part of this S/S release-- if so, quantities could be limited.) I am in Chicago, so I will be on the look out and pass on information as I have it.

    Good luck to everyone getting in getting their S/S wishlists.
  7. I do not have any personal intel, just rumor that people have been posting about here.
  8. Hmm, I saw this at someone's blog actually... Not sure if it's reissue or not, could be just a normal chanel wth gold hardware? Sorry I am SUPER bad wth reissue, I just found out that reissue has the 2.55-2005 print on the inner flap others don't. This is the only pic I saw though... but it looks so gorgeous as compare to the distressed leather...:love:
  9. i was just at chanel boutique in las vegas yesterday and SA told me they only have metallic black. but another PF'er mentioned Saks NYC might have them (matte black with gold h/w).
  10. the reissue that has the 2.55 - 2005 print is from the limited edition anniversary edition. any reissues not from the same collection is just the reissue bag (not LE but still limited in quantity) but one thing for sure is that the reissue does not come in lambskin but in distressed / metallic / patent calfskin.
  11. Oh gosh, did I forget to mention in my thread that I saw it in Paris' Rue Cambon boutique end Dec 07?:confused1::confused1: Sorrie......

  12. Which one did you see sweetie?:okay: