Chanel red classic flap bag on ebay...just be careful!!!

  1. **I posted this on "authenticate now" thread but incase people dont catch it--i didnt want any fellow TPF members to bid incase this bag is a fake or theres something fishy about it.

    All looked good to me until i caught this...(sorry to doublepost)

    I thought this was a tad fishy...I had been searching for a nice bright red classic flap bag for awhile now and saw a current listing--asked the owner to send close up pics of the authenticity card and hologram.

    As I was comparing pics of this current listing red bag to an older one I had in my watch list that ended before i could buy it...i realized both bags had identical authenticity card/serial numbers on the hologram and card??!!

    Isnt this odd especially since the current listing owner says this red bag is from his mother's own collection and i havent been able to find a trace that he somehow bought the red bag from the person who sold it (the one on my eBay watch list)

    Sorry if this is confusing but here are the 2 eBay listings:

    1. current listing whom the owner claims is his mother's bag:

    picture i got from the owner of current listing bag showing upclose the hologram and authenticity card:

    2. listing that had ended with a buy it now from before that was on my eBay watch list
  2. thanks so much for the heads up - I was almost about to hit the Buy It Now button on that one earlier!
  3. Incidentally have you gone back to the seller to see what her story is? Just curious thats all!
  4. oh my goodness.

    Well done Calisnoopy for seeing that, gosh that is awful :sad:
  5. I look at Chanel current and past listings of both sellers. I doubt their bags are authentic.
  6. the original seller of the current listing bag is a guy...who says he's selling his mom's handbags.

    I emailed him about this authenticity card/serial number discrepancy and he was quick to respond but said his sister was "tiggiepoo" who bought the original bag (2nd one I listed in my original post) for 750 USD and then decided to have him sell it for her when she was able to keep one of their mother's Chanel bags instead???

    The story I guess can be believable but just seems to be too many "stories" and reasons to feel comfortable.

    Plus I saw close up bigger pics of the bag and the leather seemed scratched and worn (I know its lambskin so its expected) but moreso than the ebay pics seemed to show and I asked for bags in natural lighting and although he insists its bright bright fire engine red (which is the only red I want =X) the pics he sent me showed a darker more raspberry red than I wanted.

    He could be an honorable seller but I wanted to give people a heads up just incase and not have to deal with the hassle and worries later if something happened.
  7. ack--im terrible with telling fakes from reals...

    I thought the bags looked authentic to me but unfortunately i base a lot of that on the authenticity card not having any rainbow colors, and that it matches the hologram...

    but unless its a standout fake, especially with the classic flaps, I cant tell until someone points something out.

    But I think someone had posted the links to both listings on authenticate thread and they said it had potential...just needed closeups of the hologram/authenticity cards...
  8. aww thanks for the heads up! i was looking at that listing too and i also remember the second listing you showed. good catch!
  9. see this is when PF comes into its own. Thanks so much for the heads up on this..
  10. If you look at his sister "tiggiepoo" past listings, she sold several Chanel bags. She is a Chanel seller herself. It's hard to believe his story about sister asking him to sell this bag for her. Something fishy.

    BTW, I no longer find three bags listed by one seller which I suspected fake bags. They're gone now.
  11. I was the seller of the BIN Chanel and it was/is authentic.

  12. Since I was the listing seller of the orginal posting, I can confirm that I sold the purse to tiggiepoo for $750 with BIN. after that, I can't say but if I'm remembering correctly, the guy's mother did die recently and he & his sister split her collection of Chanel. I looked at his first one for a few days but was unsure that it was authentic so passed.

    The color isn't raspberry's more bright coral-red. it was too bright and too small for me.

  13. I was looking at this listing too and even emailed him for more info!!!! I found it odd that he said he had to ask his father when the bag was bought and he claimed it was purchased 8 years ago. Now why would a father and son be selling Chanels when it's his mother's? Kinda weird hehe.
  14. I looked at your listings right at the moment I read the first post. There were 4 bags on your list. I remember at least one was white. Then the second time I look at your listing again, which is within about 15 minutes, there's only the wallet left. I couldn't find those auctions in completed listings either. Those bags look suspicious to me.
  15. that's true - only 1 of the bags I had listed sold which was the almond brown tote. of the other 3, the red wallet is still active and I relisted the double sided black classic.

    I don't know what happens to completed but unsold listings so I can't help you research them.