Chanel Quilted Skis

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  1. okay I love Chanel but these will not be on my wish list this Christmas!

  2. ^ROFL......Makes a nice conversation piece to hang on wall????hahahaha!..If I had lots of cash to spare..hee.hee
  3. ^^^can you imagine someone running over them??? I would scream!
  4. These are actually HOT.... Did Chanel make the skis by themselves or they collaborate with big skis making companies, ie Salomon, Rossignol?
  5. I love them! If only I skiied more.....

  6. not sure...this is the blurb for them:

    Chanel have created these unique Ski’s for their Fall Winter 2006 Chanel Sport collection. The ski’s have a wooden core but are covered in Chanel’s signature quilted leather. Although these are designed to be used it is unknown how they will perform on snow and whether the leather will deteriorate due to the amount of snow that it will come into contact with.

    I would worry about the leather tearing for sure.

    Addendum: they cost $2550.00
  7. heres a photo of our favorite Brit carrying a different model...

  8. They are cute...I saw a snowboard a couple years back too. But I'll leave those things up to the snowboard companies to make. And rely on Chanel for handbags.
  9. oh dear.. if i got them i'd hang them up on my wall.. but never ever would they see snow! i mean, imagine skiing on your handbag? gahhhhhhhhh :wtf: i got the most expensive pair of ladies völkls last year and they were nowhere near $2550 :lol:
  10. They are deadly cute but I would not dare put them to snow!
  11. For $2550, the owner'd better be a professional skier :sweatdrop:
  12. Insanity! :wtf:
  13. They look fabulous, but I've never heard of Chanel making a serious ski. I'll take the outfit though.:graucho:
  14. I can't stop looking at the belt in that picture...ME WANT THE BELT!!!