Chanel quilted shoess

  1. Does anyone know where i can get the Chanel quilted wedges on the left....?
    This girl had them on today, i asked if they were Chanel and she said that they weren't because the last time i saw those shoes were in a Saks catalog.
    so, is there is there a cheaper version of these shoes because i'm not willing to pay $595 for them!
  2. Did the girl tell you who they were by? Also have you checked Saks online or maybe even eBay?
  3. i saw those, i prefer the chanel shoes look though
  4. Steve Madden has them as so some other brands (Nine West??)

    Anyway, if you want the exact Chanel look, simply put, you either have to pray for a sale or shell out the money. You aren't going to find an identical shoe.
  5. I tried on the Chanel ones and was very tempted to buy them- they are so cute! The Steve Madden ones just don't compare imo.
  6. Oh gosh I just sent the Chanel patent wedges back today. I love love love them, but just could not justify $595 and not wearing them often. I really need a more classic shoe for that price. The shoe was 2die4 and I hope I have no regrets!:sad:
  7. Oh, I love the look on that shoes, and actually tried it out in NM. But, I had problem walking with it while trying out, I didn't feel secure at all. The bottom of the sole is not flat...I felt like my feet was rocking back and forth even when I was just standing.:sweatdrop: Being the clumsy me...I have to pass on it!:push:
  8. Maybe they will go on sale at NM June 1.
  9. Now if the happens I may have repurchase:yes:

  10. I have the Chanel quilted wedges in Navy patent. I LOVE them. I think Saks was the only place to carry the Navy. Neiman Marcus carries black patent and red satin.:yes:
  11. I have to totally agree w/ you on this one! I think you made the right choice!:yes:
  12. Thanks! My husband and 2 coworkers thought they were nice, but lasting for years to come is a different question. Now if I lived in Florida or Cali I could justify the price because they would be worn often, as the weather is nice all year round compared to Maryland.
  13. Yeah, I'm sure their adorable, BUT ouch! on the price! I would probably end up admiring them on my shelf 100x more than actually wearing them! On eBay from reputable sellers you can usually snag some great chanel flats/ heels for half that price! Also, I am EXTREMELY technically challenged & I don't know your shoe size BUT I saw similar Chanel cork wedges on eBay!

    But yeah, $600 just seems nutty! Unless you have a money tree! And I just haven't been able to find one of those yet! I let you know if I do!:biggrin: :greengrin: :lol: