Chanel Quilted Boy vs. Jumbo Classic?? Please Share Your Thoughts!

  1. I vote for jumbo classic flap between the two choices.
  2. Jumbo Classic!!!
  3. Jumbo classic, no doubt.
  4. Poporon!! :flowers::hugs: Did you end up getting your classic medium flap?? If you did, I want to see the reveal! Excited :biggrin::biggrin:
  5. Classic jumbo, it's timeless
  6. Jumbo classic ;)
  7. Another vote for the jumbo classic!
  8. Jumbo Classic! but make sure you check the quality before you come home with it :smile:
  9. Jumbo Classic, gogogo before the price increase. I saw the SAs checking inventory last weekend and one confirmed that it will happen soon.
  10. Jumbo classic!!!
  11. Oh noooo. I am leaning towards Jumbo Classic now but I just can't decide which color. I heard there might be a light pink coming out for Cruise, which would be interesting to see.

    Or do you think a more neutral color like the black caviar, or Beige, would be better than a "seasonal" type of color?
  12. jumbo is a must have!
  13. Jumbo classic, timeless. Btw, is your white boy in lamb? If it is, I would say return it. Cos color transfer problem will be 100 %. You might need to baby it if it is in lamb. You don't wanna buy a Chanel and let it sit in your closet for years.
  14. You can return in a different country, at least I could
  15. What color would you get your jumbo? I think it depends, if you don't get your jumbo in a classic color, you could get as well a boy again.