Chanel quilted bag in bluefly

  1. One of the cutest I have seen so far on the site
  2. very pretty but after the Balenciaga nightmare I wouldn't do any business with them .... not because they made a mistake but because after they've been advised the bags were fakes they still continued to sell them. Shame on Bluefly!!!
  3. I don't think I want to deal with bluefly after nightmare with Balenciaga. Still sell the bags after being told they are fake.
    Thanks for the info but no thanks !
  4. ^ and ^^ Word!!!
  5. I Believe It Was Sold....Such A Cute Bag! .......There's Been A Few Different Problems With Fakes. I Rather Not Spend That Much & Go Through That Headache!
  6. I like the inherent casual-ness that comes with the Chanel Sport bags- that flap in particular combines the best of ladylike refinement and a sporty edge.
  7. how much was it before it was sold out?
  8. it was $900 something i recalled. sold out? so fast :yes:
  9. Ditto!
  10. hmm, it was sold out but it's back in stock..

    ..maybe some people returned it cause it turned out to be fake? jk
  11. I bet what happened is that is was in someone's cart and than never bought it.....
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