Chanel Q and A.

  1. I'm on the verge of owning my very first Chanel bag. (It should be here in three days)
    I am now interested and most definitely wanting to own a pair of Chanel Cambon flats in size 38. I can't find them online, or on eBay. I would appreciate any info anyone can give me on where to purchase them.

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  2. good luck, they are a hard to find item..
    They pop up on eBay every now and then..
  3. Call around to some boutiques and welcome to the forums!
  4. Can check out Paris Chanel at Primtemps, i think i saw.
  5. It is sooo hard to find Chanel flats where I live. There are no Chanel boutiques in Portland, no Neiman Marcus, The only thing is Saks, and they very RARELY have anything Chanel.:push: I've tried buying Chanel flats online, which proves to be a huge pain. I either want the Cambon, or these type of flats which I'm not sure what they are. If anyone could identify them for me and/or help me find some I would be most grateful!
  6. Good luck finding them. I'll be joining you in the search for size 38's... I want the beige ones!!! I've been looking for ... oh I don't know, two years? anyways, congratulations on your new chanel