Chanel Pumps -

  1. What are these called??

    And does anyone know if they are still available??
    unfortunately, i do not live anywhere near a Chanel boutique so i have to order by PHONE :sad: so yes, id like to know the name of these shoes~~

    & what would a size 6.5 be equivalent to??
    thanks so much!! =)


  2. Chanel doesn't have an authorized seller that sells their merchandise online short of cosmetics. You will have to do a phone order unless you plan to buy on eBay or something.

    They have shoes that are quite similar to those in the NM Christmas Book, but they are black and gold. I'd try calling the store and seeing if there are other colors available.
  3. And I think a 6.5 = 36.5 if I'm not mistaken.
  4. black and gold??? *droool

    do u know the name of the shoe??
    i'd have to order via phone~
  5. oops! i meant order BY PHONE in my first post haha. not online!! haha thanks again itsmyworld
  6. I'm at work and I don't have access to my Christmas Book. I'll try to look when I get home.

  7. there ARE the black and gold? omg, what else did they come in?? i am totally eyeing the silver ones!! has the NM christmas book been officially out? where did you manage to see them? anymore intel on them? acks! i want a pair been dying for a pair of those for so long! :graucho:
  8. ^ me too me too.
    thanks so much itsmyworld.
    haha cant wait to hear back from youu
  9. Yes, they are black and gold. It was also featured with a muted metallic gold flap with distressed HW. I got the book in the mail awhile ago. The shoes are metallic gold in the areas where the shoes above are blue and patent black where the white is. I think it's really the exact shoe in other colors. I think the price was around $600-650 if I'm not mistaken. I'll look for sure when I get home and post all of the info. : )
  10. The name is "Stretch spirit pump"
  11. I just saw these Monday at my Saks in a different color (don't remember color - might be black & cream). My SA there in shoes is Nathan and the number is 248-643-9000. He's very nice and helpful. Please tell him April referred you if you speak to him.
  12. ^ THanks so much for the number~
    Can anyone refer me to a Neiman Marcus Chanel? ...cause i have a NM card, no sax card =(
  13. I saw these pumps in the black/silver color last week at the Saks in SF. There are also Chanel (ballet) flats available in the black/silver color as well.
  14. Anyone know the price??? (of the pumps & flats)
  15. Here is the info:

    The pumps are $650 and if you're going to order from Neiman Marcus it is 158B. 1 800 825 8000

    The toe area is black patent, the blue part of the shoes above are metallic gold on these with metallic black trim and black patent heel and they are made of lamb leather. Heels are 3.3 inches. Comes in full & half sizes 5-12.