Chanel pricing and bag size differences

  1. Ok. I am REALLY confused! I am in search of a bag from this year's cruise line. I originally saw it in the post from Nordstroms MOA cruise trunk show. My Saks SA showed me her look book, and we found the bag, but the size looked "off."

    I FINALLY saw the bag IRL at a NM and I love it! It's the perfect size for me!!! Problem is, it is black and I was hoping for a navy blue. NM only got it in black. Anyhow, I went to the Chanel boutique and found out that different bags are made for the different stores from the same line! Saks is getting this bag in, in two different sizes...ARGH! The Chanel boutique didn't get it at all, and the image of it in their look book doesn't look like the bag I saw at NM at all!

    Then we move to the new S/S reissues....I'm already wait listed for a Navy Blue Jumbo reissue at Bellagio. The price is $2895. I just wait listed for a purple reissue at Saks but the price for her Navy Blue Reissue is $3,495.

    Is this why everyone is confused about sizes and pricing? The bags don't seem to be the same size or the same price "across the board" from boutique to Saks to NM to Nordstroms....can someone shed a light on this?

    Sorry if it's a stupid question!

  2. This is the 228 size. Saks did not order any 2.55 "reissues" in 226 or 227 size.:nogood:
  3. Thanks Mon!
  4. But isn't the 228 size same as the "jumbo" size photomj referred to in her first post..? Now *i'm* confused :confused1:
  5. No - the 228 is huge.