Chanel prices in PARIS, ROME and LONDON

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    Hi Chanel experts,
    Would kike to compare the prices of Chanel bags in Paris, Rome and London. Are there much difference?

    Let's take 2.55 size 227 as an example. Anyone know the prices in Paris, Rome and London at the moment? Many Thanks.
  2. Anyone????? Doesn't really have to be prices of 2.55 size 227.
  3. Here's price in Paris:

    226 = EU1780
    227 = EU1890
    228 = EU2300
  4. which is the cheapest place to buy chanel? would it be Paris?
  5. hi im new to this purse forum but im hoping to buy a chanel classic 2.55 but i have no clue how much the price range living in canada so if anyone can tell me the price for the medium 2.55 it would be a great help for me.......thanks in advance..
  6. I will be going to Rome and London this summer. I know Paris has the lowest Chanel prices. I would like to know if there is a big price difference in Rome and London compare to Paris.
  7. Reissue 2.55 size 277 is 1395 pounds in London.
  8. If its between Rome and London. Buy it in Rome. UK is more expensive
  9. Mediana - Do you know the price in Rome for a medium lambskin classic flap? My cousin's going to Milan next mth (where I'm sure they would have a Chanel boutique) and I might ask her to get me one if the price is cheaper than in Singapore. Also does Italy have a large variety of styles to choose from? We have a very limited range in Singapore. TIA
  10. logomad: it's definitely cheaper in Rome than in Singapore. Remember you get 12% tax back! I was in Rome last fall and they had a decent collection of classic bags. It's way too expensive to buy Chanel in Singapore...
  11. my friend bought me a medium lambskin flap in London a week ago. The price is 1180 pounds. i think medium caviar is 1065, large caviar is 1120. not sure about the reissues. hope this helps a little.
  12. Many Thanks for the precious information. However, I have a friend who will be visiting Paris soon. If there is not a big price difference between Paris and Rome, I will buy it myself in Rome. Does anyone know?
  13. UK will be the most expensive out of the three. Italy and France--the price in Euros should be about the same in either country. ;)
  14. ^Sorry I have to disagree, Paris was cheaper a while ago but the Euro is pretty strong at the moment so UK is working out slightly less expensive. Go for the country where you get the most tax back, in the UK tax is 17.5%.
  15. Hi Syma:smile:
    I assumed that the OP was is in the UK (from her avatar) Since we can't claim tax back from EU purchases, I find that purchasing in Paris or Rome is cheaper than buying in the UK. Maybe I read the post wrong:confused1: