Chanel Plastic Cuff

  1. Does anyone know if this is still in stores? And whats the name of it, so I can call around and ask for it?:smile:
  2. I got both of mine (black/white, white/black) from the Chanel boutique on W 57th St in NYC back around October 2006. You can try there. The style number for the white/black is #A16514X01197. It retails for $140. Hope that helps and that you can find one- it's an awsome bracelet and I get tons of wear out of mine.
  3. Is the one in your avatar the black/white?

  4. Yes, I figured it was time I got an avatar, so I made it last night:nuts: I posted a pic in the "Chanel in action" thread of me wearing it yesterday if you want to see another pic of it on.
  5. Thanks.^^^
    lol I like it even more now.
    I think I want the black/white.
  6. =)
  7. I def get more wear out of my black/white.
  8. Cute cuff and very reasonably priced!
  9. I saw many of this cuff on eBay. Last year it cost only 65 (130$) pounds and then up to 70 pounds (140 $ ). Very cheap compared to the other Chanel closed-cuffs.

    many years ago it also has pink and white CC color.

    Hope you can get one soon :smile: