Chanel Perfo Wallet *pics* Help me decide!

  1. I'm looking for a fun summer wallet and my SA sent me this one - what do you think? The color isn't red or orange or pink. Kind of a mix of all 3.

    Also pictured is my main summer bag (sorry not Chanel - its a Fendi Sellaria). The other wallet she sent is a Bottega Veneta. Not sure if I'm totally in love with either one but I don't know what my options are for a summer wallet. I like the BV but want a zip around BV. I like the Chanel but not sure about the color with the bag. Help?!

    I like the way the perfo feels in your hand. It is pretty substantial and you can even use it on its own.
  2. Here's the wallets with the bag. The BV is a chocolate brown.

  3. The color of the Chanel wallet is gorgeous and screams (in a chic, understated way of course hehe), spring/summer!! :smile: I actually like the blue/brown combination better, but I prefer the Chanel wallet for both it's stunning color and summery look! :smile: I don't know if that helps in the least... but good luck choosing!
  4. The chanel wallet is so lovely. Got one a few weeks ago but exchanged it to perforated red classic flap since I think that beautiful thing really doesn't deserve to be hidden in a bag :hysteric: :hysteric:
  5. whats the price of the perforated chanel wallet if you dont mind me asking :smile:
  6. I'm in love with the color of the chanel wallet. It looks gorgeous with your BV and the perforated look is so hot right now. Congrats!
  7. stick with the chanel, it looks like a great piece.
  8. I like the chanel!! It's very eye catching!
  9. I like the BV better with your bag.
  10. I like the Chanel- it is a very fun color.
  11. normally I'd totally vote Chanel, but w/o seeing the inside, I'd go w/ the BV.
    I LOVE red, but I personally love true red, that color would look 'off' w/ a red or pink bag if you have one or ever got one IMO.
    Also, I prefer a zippered wallet for some reason.
  12. The Chanel is a perfect color for summer and the BV would be something that can carry you through all the seasons.. however if you're going to be using it mostly with the blue bag for now, I personally like the blue/brown combination.
  13. For those who have asked the style number is:
    07P A31506Y04411
    Wallet Purse

    The Chanel is fun and unique but I don't know. I really like the way it feels and you can easily use it as a clutch. I might regret it if I send it back.

    Yes, I really want a zippered wallet! Here's my BV summer pool/beach tote with the wallet. I just wished it zipped. That one is $640. The color is perfect.


    I'm so confused! I wish I could change each one just a little bit!
  14. Swanky, Here's the inside of the BV.

  15. The Chanel wallet.