Chanel pearl necklace!!

  1. hi guys

    if any of you saw "the devil wears prada," anne hathaway is wearing a FABULOUS pearl necklace(s?) by Chanel, they are gorgeous! I dream of owning an authentic necklace like it one day...heres 2 pictures similar to what she wore in the movie they are gorgeous-tell me what you think!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
    chanelpearls.jpg chanelpearls2.jpg
  2. Love that first necklace!
  3. I'm about to watch the movie in an hour! yay!

    I lovee both of those!
  4. They are both very pretty, classy!
  5. I ADORE them too!

    She wore them twice for two different outfits and I was in awe!
    It really helped pull the outfit together.

    The one she wore was chunkier though, it could have been a belt doubled up as a necklace? Pretty-pretty!
  6. I love the 2 necklaces you posted pics of :smile:
  7. I love Chanel pearls! So many great accessories were mentioned by the girls who saw the movie, I need to go see it!
  8. They are gorgeous!:love:
  9. i love them, but it bothers me that for the price they're not usually real pearls.....right? maybe (hopefully) i'm wrong? :smile:
  10. Right. There was a discussion about this in the Chanel forum - Mischa Barton wears a similar strand in the OC. They're adorable though !
  11. They are both so pretty!
  12. Now I want a pair! I know its not worth it to spend so much on faux pearls but there is something about these!
  13. ^I agree, they are so pretty, I would love to have a pair!
  14. Is it just me, or does the second pair look like the pearls are faceted?
  15. both are awesome!!!
    KathyD has a pearl CC necklace. . . I wonder which one?