chanel or lv?

  1. Black and white chanel cambon tote

  2. Louis vuitton monogram vavin gm

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  1. help! i need a tote bag for school!
    i love each one pretty much the same amount, but for different reasons!
    please hep me pick!
    1600765582748080_1.jpg p10260981_ph_hero.jpg
  2. as much as i like the cambon, the vavin will be better suited to getting a bit beat up around school.
  3. the white chanel, even though it's gorgeous, will definitely get dirty w/ all the books and school supplies. the LV would probably be more suitable... also a nice bag.
  4. totally agree.

    i actually voted for the cambon before reading the rest of the post... if it's for school, i think the vavin is a better choice. as an everyday bag, i prefer the chanel
  5. I am an LV girl, but Chanel is just so classic and addicting. I am about to cross that path soon! Both are good purchases and you can't go wrong.
  6. I love the Chanel Cambon in White! I had one of those...but it got dirty after just a few uses... I'd go with the LV
  7. As a recent student, I don't personally think the handles and structure of the Vavin are suitable for school. It just doesn't look like it could carry a lot of text books, in my opinion.
  8. Chanel!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. i dont think you should buy either for school. I don't know how much the LV is but if you are getting the cambon tote mainly for school i don't think you should. I think you should get a burberry tote. They also have it in the candy check. Plus its on sale at . Thats what i did, i got a regent in the original color - i would have gotten the candy check but it wasn't out yet at that time. Mine was like $500 i think so you are getting a good deal, its $350 now. and i put so much stuff in mine. its my travel bag, so i stuff all kinds of things for the plane ride and its pretty durable, nothing has happened yet *hopefully it stays that way*. So basically 2000 - 350 = 1650, lets say 1600 after shipping, etc so you have 1600 so you can buy another chanel bag with that!

  10. I love both styles but I think the LV will be more durable for what you have in mind.
  11. Yeah I agree..the canvas of the LV will be SO much more durable than the delicate calfskin of the Cambons, trust me, I know. I have a pen mark on the white CCs of my black/white tote and am planning on taking it in to see if there's anything I can do about it/have it cleaned.
  12. I love chanel...but not for school...go with the LV.
  13. Though J'adore Chanel, I think the Vavin is a classic whereas the cambon is very 2004.
  14. Meh. I don't think the Cambons are dated..they keep coming out with new color combinations and it's pretty much a staple in the collection now.
    I have 3 Cambon bags and never feel dated when I carry them.
  15. Totally agree with Chanelcavier, I think Burberry is actually more suitable for schooling than the others in terms of durability of scratches and dirtyness. :yes: