???? Chanel or Louis

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I am a virgin to the LV section of the forum, because i don't own one yet. I can't decide if I should purchase a Chanel or a LV. I really falling in love with the speedy 30. Now I realize opinions may be a little biased, but I am interested in any helpful feedback.
    oh by the way I really want something more on the classic rather than trendy side.
  2. Welcome to the LV side of things! The speedy is certainly classic LV. What Chanel bag are you considering so we can give you an honest opinion and comparison? Thanks in advance for the additional info!
  3. Well you are in the LV forum so you will get more feedback to get a LV. But I will say both are classy but different. You will be able to carry both into the next few decades. Enjoy your purchase post pics when you get it!
  4. what style chanel are you thinking of buying??

    anyhow i would choose a chanel over LV, sorry girls but this doesnt mean i'm unfaithful towards LV. i still love LV and speedy 30 is def my fav bag out of all.

    as your a LV virgin i will pursuade you to get the speedy 30. you will not regret it.

    its the most well priced and practical bag within th LV range. it is very classic too.
  5. I vote for the classic speedy 30. But, I am a LV lover and have not been bitten by the Chanel bug yet.
  6. Yup, knowing which Chanel bag you're planning on getting might help a little.

    Welcome to the LV side! ;)
  7. Oops! Sorry ok more specifically a large black flap Chanel bag
  8. which one?
    A Classic Flap?
    May help to post a photo:yes:

    They're too different for me to compare. . . the Speedy is kinda casual IMO and strictly a hand/arm bag.
    I refuse to carry handbags, I prefer shoulder bags.
    Also, a Speedy will hold quite a bit more if you're considering a Classic Flap, especially if you're looking at one of the smaller sized ones.
  9. Welcome to the LV forum!!

    Do you have other Chanel handbags? If so, you may want to get the Speedy 30 then if you're interested in a classic LV handbag that you can wear for years to come.

    If you've been dying to get, say, a jumbo Chanel Caviar Flap, I would seriously get that first. As much as I love LV, I had to get this Chanel bag first to get it out of my system so I can concentrate on getting more LV. LOL

    Good luck with your decision!!
  10. Go for the flap! :blink: OMG did i just turn on LV?! YIKES!
  11. Speedy 30 is my most favorite bag. It is a total workhorse. It can fit everything, is lightweight and looks fantastic!
  12. I'd go for the Speedy... I think it would hold more.
  13. Louis Duh! Id say get a Neverfull GM
  14. I'ld say a damier speedy. Its classy and so practical!
  15. It depends on what you need the bag for. Speedy has more room than Chanel.