Chanel on sale?

  1. Does anyone know when the next sale period is? TIA!
  2. I would like to know this too. TIA
  3. Chanel clothing usually goes on sale in December just prior to the holiday. Check with your SA.
  4. When there's a sale, it's usually just seasonal stuff that goes on sale right? Classic pieces' prices stay the same?
  5. ^ yep. but sometimes they put more "classic" looking lines on sale, too. :biggrin: like last time, i believe the mademoiselle line was on sale.
  6. I have a question for all of you. I live in NYC and was wondering when/if chanel handbags go on sale. Whenever I go to Saks, during the holidays there is nothing there, and when I call them during the presale, they say that chanel hanbags never go on sale. Is this true? If there is a sale how does one find out about the sale?
    Since I started reading tPF a couple of weeks ago, I was finally able to justify my first chanel purchase: a medium lambskin flap with gold hardware. I bought it pre-increase and with an ECG.
    thanks for all your help in advance!
  7. yes, some bags go on sale, but it's the ones you'd expect. . . the ones that didn't sell and are not classics.
    I have a fantatsic SA but I still find out about sales here before my SA tells me.
    This forum is your best resource, I guarantee it!
  8. I remember during the summer they had a sale on Chanel bags but VERY LIMITED. When I got to Saks, they only had the Mademoiselle Tote (I think that's what it's called) in some sort of sea foam green. I think you can call ahead to do a pre-sale but it really depends on the SA. But, I am sure on TPF everybody will be posting about sales when the time comes around.
  9. Yes!

    Sometimes at the boutique they have sale items, but I've only seen it happen once and I didn't want to buy the stuff they had on sale.

    There are also outlets, but usually the selection isn't that great.

    At the Neimans presale last night (I'm in Dallas right now), there were two pairs of Chanel shoes on sale. I didn't check for bags, but I was amazed to see anything from Chanel on sale at all.

    -- One pair was like a plain black pump with a pointy toe and a little gold Chanel ring around the heel. The other pair was a beige slingback with a black cap. Nice shoes, but too simple for me so I ended up buying some Gucci heels :smile:
  10. Chanel has an outlet in Woodyburry Commons (no idea where that is). I've heard their selection is pretty crappy though, although I did read here on TPF that they are getting some PNY wallets!
  11. Several months ago, Saks had a huge markdown on the mint green Mademoiselle bags. It was a fluke that I even found out b/c I happened to be talking to my SA and she told me. I couldn't bring myself to shell out $700 for a Chanel bag (marked down from $2000) that I didn't love...

    Chanel sales do happen but the inventory lasts for 5 minutes.
  12. ^Good thinking. Even if it was dirt cheap (by Chanel standards at least), if I can't picture myself wearing it I wouldn't buy it.
  13. I remember seeing chanel bags on sale at Saks once, in high school, when I was unable to afford one. lol. I still remember that they had tweed flaps priced 30% off though.
  14. In my life, i never think chanel bags will go on sale. So far it doesn't happen here in my country....*LOL*

    I think even if they do, it will not be those popular range.
  15. You made a a good move by getting your classic during an ECG. That and NM/Bergdorf In Circle Events, Nordies extra points days, etc is the closest to getting "on sale" that the classic and reissue items come.