Chanel on InStyle

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  1. Has anyone seen the Chanel bag on the latest InStyle magazine? It's white with black stitching. I have yet to see a picture of this bag elsewhere, but was wondering if anyone has seen it also and know anything about it. :smile:
  2. Attaching a picture will help.
  3. is this the purse you're talking about? I saw it in InStyle as well and I thought it was super cute =)


    I don't know much about this purse or chanel for that matter but I'm sure most of these ladies do!
  4. is part of their new luxury line to be launched in march?
  5. i think this is the one that starr saw in the trunk show.
  6. in my personal opion i think its horrible.....
  7. i may like it in a large tote version...but that one in the pic looks a little generic......dont mean to offend anyone...
  8. I actually like it. I like horizontal bags... dont know why.
  9. I think it is part of the new luxury line
  10. The contrast stitching kills it for me.
  11. Its cute, but I'd want it a little larger.
  12. Does anyone know when chanel prices will go up?
  13. I was just about to say that it's too small.
  14. It's ver simple...I like it too!
  15. I saw it in the mag, too, but I was more obsessed with the girl's top. LOL I think it is cute though. Although I agree it could end up being to teeny for gen use.
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