Chanel O-key holder: should I wait?

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  1. Hello lovelies, I need some help with an upcoming Chanel purchase. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated :o)

    I've been stalking the o-case key holder for a few weeks now, my ideal would be in caviar leather, a dark colour in whatever hardware, in the classic quilted style. But really, I'm not super fussy and would like to branch out.

    I was recently on holidays in Europe, the only one that was available to purchase was lambskin in camel. I passed on this because I feel like this combo would get messy quickly. I don't mind getting a light or mid tone colour in lambskin but the camel was a little too light for me. I would not hesitate with a light colour caviar.

    So today my local SA texted me offering me this o-case.


    I'm having a little trouble making a decision, this cambon cc style is not my favourite Chanel style. But aside from that, the colour, leather and hardware are soooo me and so perfect.

    Should I buy this? Or should I pass and wait? I'm afraid that there will no more and that I will miss out on purchasing one altogether. But then again, the cc style of this is not ideal to me (although the leather and hardware is really winning me over!!) what should I do??!
  2. Not a fan of this style too..i'd wait:smile:

  3. I do like it - but I would LOVE the classic quilts more

    But I don't want to miss out on this one!
  4. Wait, sounds like you would be settling for something that's not your first choice. It's so hard to wait (believe me i know, kind of waiting for the same thing but cammelia version), but I think it will be worth it when you find the one you really want.
  5. Wait till you get what you really want. Don't settle.
  6. I would wait as I bought my first wallet in blue chevron and really wanted black quilted. I stared at it for 2 weeks in the box and finally returned it and found the black quilted and love it every time I pull it out of my bag. Hold out for what you really want or you will always have that tiny regret.
  7. I would wait if you don't love it. I wouldn't want to settle on something.
  8. I hear there are several quilted key holders coming out at Nordstrom & Bergdorf Goodman for Fall Act 1 so you won't have to wait too long if you decide to :smile:
  9. Definitely wait. This is nice but you can do better.
  10. Wait.
  11. I would not settle. Wait for the one you want. When it's the one you want, there will be no question or hesitation and you will enjoy using it right away :smile:
  12. I would wait if that's not what you really want.
  13. One thing I have learned with Chanel - don't settle! Hold out for what you really want.
  14. So I hear the message loud and clear!
    I went to Chanel today with this in mind - I passed on this wallet. It was underwhelming IRL

    Thanks for the input