Chanel Newbie - Need help w/ Heart Chain Classic Flap

  1. Hi everyone,

    After venturing Tweetie's GORGEOUS3 heart chain bag and sated with Chloe, I have to say I'm hooked :yes: with this style of bag :graucho:

    Never been a Chanel fans but now it grows in me.

    I was trying to find more information about this bag in this forum but was no success.

    Therefore needing help from the expert here about:

    1. What colour the bag was available when it was released?
    2. What was the RRP?
    3. Different sizes?

    Will appreciate any input! :smile:

  2. As far as I know of there was a mini and the medium size.

    I think there was lilac, pink, a hot pink (fuschia) and a red. It was released in 2004. I can't remember the retail price, but I am sure a lot of ladies here will know that.

    If I am wrong in any of my info, please feel free to correct!
  3. aki_sato - I'm sure you'll find one eventually! Jen basically answered all your questions... I remember if you use the search feature for "chanel heart", you'll get some other threads too.

    For the price range, the one I have (the medium/large size), the retail was $1800 US or so.
  4. are they making these again?
  5. Thank you!
    That really helps esp the info Jen provided!

    I found one on eBay and gonna post it on authentication thread hopefully it's authentic :yahoo:
  6. I would kill for a Jumbo. WAH!
  7. Congratulations, Aki! Hey, if anyone finds another of these elusive hearts, please pm me. I'm desperately looking for one. It's utterly to die for.