chanel lux bowler

  1. so ive decided to get my first chanel! :nuts: im soo in :heart: with the metallic black lux bowler but have noo clue where to get one from. both the Neimans and chanel boutique in houston do not have any. do you ladies have any advice on how i can find one?

  2. wow your from h-town..mee 2 i went a few weeks back cus i wanted a lux bowler but wow uhmm noo the nearest boutique is in austin i think
  3. i'm also from h-town. i bought mine from Saks. since our Saks does not carry chanel, i had an SA track one down from the saks in Denver.
  4. Call your NM, Chanel and Saks and ask them to search for one for you ;)
  5. thanks guys!! i shall call them tomorrow...
  6. I got one on the first try this morning. Called Saks in Boca Rotan and the wonderful Melissa sold me the last bag! I warned her that I might not be keeping it (I hate to return things to nice s/a's!) and was making the purchase solely for comparison to my black deerskin. It's something I have to do or my crazy, messed-up mind will never rest.

    If I decide to return it I'll make sure a PF'er is next in line for it!
  7. did it! It must be hard for you to make a choice when you see this bag in person. Post pics when you have it...Congrats!