Chanel necklace with the simple CCs?

  1. It is still available in the store but I have been seeing it in the boutique many times since last 2 years. I never worn my Chanel jewelry daily as I change it everyday. I have no idea about fragile.

    I hope my answer may help.
  2. I saw a necklace very similar to this at NM in Charlotte a month ago. I don't remember the price on it.
  3. i have this one [​IMG] and it's not fragile. the chain is thicker than my t&co. necklaces.
  4. Thanks for posting! Do you think those studs would fall out pretty easily?

    And how much did you pay and how recently? Thanks!
  5. The studs ( I supposed you mean crystal ) didn't easily fall out and the price her is UK last 6 months ago is 105 pounds.

    I hope my answer may help.
  6. The Chicago boutique has these necklaces in gold, silver and in cute enamel too (white CCs edged in gold or silver, probably have other colors as well).
  7. I really like the chanel necklace, and you don't see them very often (the real ones)