Chanel Naked Ballet Slipper Sighting

  1. OMG today the mail brought my invitation to upcoming NM Trunk Show and in the envelope were some little brochures of new accessories eyes focused on a pair of CHANEL NAKED BAG BALLET SLIPPERS
    i looked, looked again, blinked, squealed, looked upwards to the heavens and thanked again, and started doing my own little dance of glee........has anyone seen this adorable shoe in person? brochure didnt list the price, but the shoe is, of course, "naked" see through to match the arriving-soon bag, was lined with what looked like black patent piping, and had the prerequisite black toe with the CC and little bow

    the shoes need a mama and i volunteer :heart:
  2. I like those too! I wonder if NM will carry them ... I have a credit there ... I think I might go to the Trunk Show on the 16th:yes: