chanel monogramed pearls

  1. with the help of a fellow Pf'r I was able to get the style # from her and find pearls I had been wanting for along time. The pic below is borrowed from a chanel eBay seller, but these are the exact ones I recieved this morning and will post pics later after work. They are $385.00 and I know a few people were looking for them, so dont give up they are out there. they are soo gorgeous in person....:yahoo:
  2. Could you let me know the style number? It looks so lovely. Let me know if you find another one out there in internet land!

  3. Ooh in the words of Carrie Bradshaw..."Me Likey" So cute! Love them. They would be great for dress up or casual wear. Gotta love accessories like that!
  4. I have a belt that can be worn as a necklace with that style pearls. But not with the monogram on it. I Love those. They look like 16", what is the length?
    Congrats~~ those are beautiful!!
  5. Do tell...:popcorn:
  6. Those are cute !
  7. Congrats...very pretty!!!! :yahoo:
  8. here are the pics of the necklace and of the style number. They were purchased from sabrina at the NY chanel store. retail $385.00. Pretty hard to come by, they are coming out with a black one with white letters for S/S 07..thats what chanel SA told are on order. I have my name down.
    chanel pearls 004.jpg chanel pearls 005.jpg
  9. Yes, they are coming out with black and white, and gold and white pearls for S/S2007. Can't wait to see them either in pics or IRL.
  10. Wow! I really need to get some Chanel pearls!! They are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
  11. congrats , beautiful pearls
  12. These are really pretty.

  13. Gorgeous. Im trying to find similar ones that had the CC dangle. I think they were like $475. If anyone sees them or knows where I can get them, LMK!
  14. wow... I'm putting an order for the black and the white! Thanks for the info and congratulations again on a great buy!!!:party:
  15. I found one on eBay!!! She's a great seller... importedfashionhouse

    Unfortunately she's selling for $599.