Chanel mini chevron caviar NOW or old medium boy LATER????

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  1. #1 Oct 7, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2019
    Dilemma here... I know the difference is huge.. but I would like to hear your opinion. At this moment I can buy a lovely mini chevron caviar I saw. But.... my wish is also to buy the old medium Boy bag. Unfortunately I can't do that befor Chanels prices go up... what wouId you ladies do?? Wait for the boy and accept the higher price or buy the mini now?
  2. Are you looking to buy brand new or pre-loved? Since there haven't been caviar minis for a while, I would opt for the caviar mini as it looks like the prices have only been going up and minis are more sought after than the boy bag IMO.

    As for the boy bag, I would suggest buying pre-loved as the boy bags don't retain their value as much (from experience, I bought brand new - this was my first Chanel and saw afterwards how often they show up pre-loved), also depends on the combo you're looking for, because if you're looking for brand new, you may also have to wait if you miss out now.

    Just some of my input from experiences! Good luck!
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  3. Hi! Thanks for your advice! Yes, the mini is a preloved and looks like new. That's also the thing what you asked about the colour of the Boy, I still dont know which colour combination I like the most. What colour did you choose when you bought your first Chanel boy?
  4. I love bags in chevron! I have 2 minis in chevron so good choice :P I also really wanted my boy to be chevron, but figured I should get at least a bag in classic quilt. I chose Black with Ruthenium hardware in Calfskin, I really like the ruthenium hardware with the boy bag cause it looks so edgy! Caviar will definitely retain higher resell value though - something you may want to consider. I just really liked the matte look of the black calfskin.

    Hardware wise, shiny hardware may scratch so that's why I didn't go with any silver or gold hardware.

    Because the boy bags do not have feet, the edge rubbing is as very common issue - with that being said, I've seen the rubbing with all materials whether it's caviar, calfskin or lamb.

    Sorry I kind of rambled on there haha
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