Chanel Melbourne -- need some info

  1. I'm heading to Melbourne in a few weeks time and hoping to make my very first chanel purchase :yes: I can't wait to go!
    I'm still trying to decide between a caviar medium/large classic flap or the jumbo. Does anyone know what the current prices for these two bags are? On the vogue forums they are said to be around $2600 AUS for the medium but then somewhere else I heard they are now about $3300! :wtf:
    Also does anyone know how much stock does melbourne have at the moment? I heard jumbos are very hard to find.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. hey, im not from melb but i know they dont have the jumbo in stock atm... i have the large and jumbo, i love both!

    caviar large is $2980
    caviar jumbo is $3350

  3. thanks bagwhore83

    Do you know when they will be gettin more stock in? I've been wanting to get a chanel for so long but im from brissie and they don't have chanel here so this is my only chance to get one in a while
  4. you can always mail order ;)

    they handcourier it right to your door (im in brissy to, and it cost $20 and was delivered the next day - my belt that is)
  5. thanks Chanelman
    i might do that when i go down there and find they still haven't got any.

    Another question:
    Does chanel ever have any sales on in Australia?
  6. Another question:
    Does chanel ever have any sales on in Australia?[/quote]

    I was in Chanel melbourne and ask the same question to my SA and he said. Not at the moment and truthfully, they don't have stock to go on sale. :sad:But they do twice a year. But not as good as USA.:crybaby:

    Good luck!
  7. thanks lynnix

    yeah I didn't think that they would ever have sales. I really wish that chanel would be more widely available here.

    if the jumbos aren't available I'll probably check out the med/large flaps. so im guessing they would have them in at least beige and black right?

    i'm finding it a lil hard dealing with the thought of handing over such an amount of money on a bag because earlier this year i went overseas on an organised tour which was about the same price! BUT i've wanted to get this for a while now and it's a classic so i'll be using for years to come.