Chanel Meet and Greet? Or Has this been done?

  1. I know the LV tPFers had a meet and greet last week. Has there been one for the Chanel ladies? I would so love to be able to get together with everyone in the area and see everyone's purses/accessories :yes:

    I know they met on Rodeo and went to LV, but wouldn't it be fun to meet somewhere else where we could bring our favorite(s) purses with, accessories, and look at each other's stuff? Nothing like seeing it in real life. And I'd love to be able to try one some of your other purses, so I could take pics without SA pressure, and really decide who my next victim is.:p

    I don't know if there is enough interest, or if its already been tried and done over here. But I am dying to see some of you gals lovely new purchases.

    I am obviously a Los Angelos local-but I know they did it for LA and some other cities.
  2. There's one posted in General that originated in here, for Florida gals.
    I know there another recently for NE girls. . you're welcome to get one going!:yes:
  3. This is a great idea! Anyone interested in having a NYC one?
  4. If someone wants to start up a discussion on a get together, they should start there own thread w/ a very clear title.
    It can go here if you only want Chanel posters, or in General Discussion if you just want a nice big group of bag lovers.
  5. i'm all for a nyc meet!:yes:
  6. this is someone else's thread. . I asked you guys to start a new one please:yes: