Chanel - London

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  1. Unfortunatley heathrow doesnt sell classic flaps, but they sell boys and other classic bags!
  2. Willeyi- the coco handle in that size (if we’re thinking of the same size - I think it’s 11.5 inches along the length of the base, is £4290 inclusive of VAT. I haven’t been in a store recently enough to advise on what colours are available.
  3. You are totally wrong about the price. The medium size up from the mini is something like 3500€ so absolutely not almost 4300£.
    You should look on Chanel il website or just call a boutique.
  4. I believe the size you want is £3,150. Not sure if you'll be able to pick up either of those colours. In the past month of so I've only seen pink and the metallic green from 19A but you might manage to find one if you check every store
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. Great idea to go to Chanel UK website and check price. The size I want is 3150 GBP. After VAT and exchange rates, it is 28% cheaper than in the U.S., so wow... I will be on the hunt for one.

    Thank you again!
  6. I got very confused by how my price was so wrong relating to the coco handle and looked for my receipt for last summer - I paid €4200 for my chevron coco handle - then I measured it and was even more confused as I know there was a price increase in Nov 18 and the website does say £3150 - But it does have a lizard handle so that must be the reason for the extra expense so sorry about that!

    I saw a pink quilted coco handle in Harrods yesterday with GHW but not any others. Hope you get what you want!
  7. I will be in London in October, I was wondering if anyone knows how hard it would be to find a Chanel Black Mini Flap Bag in stores during that time (both rectangle or square is fine)? I checked Chanel's UK website and it seems that there is only lambskin available, I'm guessing I won't be able to find it in cavier in stores at all? Thanks for your help
  8. Could anyone PM the name of their SA at Chanel? I'm looking for a few items and would like to see if I can secure them before my arrival (or at least have a pair of eyes on the lookout). Many thanks.
  9. So, as I understand, LHR doesn't sell classic bags, only seasonal ones. Does this mean that they do or don't carry medium classic flap in a seasonal color, 19b?
  10. No classic flaps or reissues, no matter what colour. They only carry seasonal styles, not classic styles in seasonal colours
  11. Chanel currently isn't making Mini flaps in caviar leather and according to multiple SA's and sources doesn't have any plans to in the near future so potentially your only option currently is lambskin. As for availability of a black lambskin mini I would check the 19K thread here to see if anyone has posted any intel on wether there will be black minis for the next collection as it should be in boutiques by the time of your arrival in October.

    Chanel doesn't sell any kind of classic flap or 2.55 at Heathrow unfortunately. Seasonal or black.
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  12. Definitely no caviar. You may be lucky and find a black lambskin but expect to visit multiple stores as they're quite hard to find
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  13. Hi! I finally arrived in London and went to Harrods. I saw the pink one too... thank you for letting me know. They did not have the red or beige. I did get another pair of beige ballets. Pricing is amazing compared to the US, and the SA actually said she is seeing a lot of American clients recently.

    I could spend all day in Harrods but ran out of time. I need to stock up on Jo Malone. Thank you for your help!
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  14. anyone knows if the stores are still carrying the 19B bucket bags?? The small version in black.
    Thanks in advance for any intel !!!!
  15. I'm looking to purchase my first Chanel bag eek. Can anyone advise on availability in the London area? I'm interested in the Chanel classic small flap bag black caviar and the mini rectangular flap bag black caviar
    I'm going to London in a couple of weeks and I'm wondering if I'm being naive to think that I might be able to get one!