Chanel Limited Marbres Quad Insane!!!!!

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  1. Just when I thought I was done with my Chanel make-up collection I find the new quad only available at Chanel beauty bars (some fancy type setup at Nordstrom). Each color in the quad is marble/swirl crazy fused colors so of course I purchased it....anyone else?
  2. wow is there a pix online or do you have a pix? I need to know what to look for!
  3. I'm having issues posting pics on my Imac but if you call the 1800 Chanel number they could tell you which beauty bars have it. Nordstrom Seattle has it for sure.
  4. no I almost purchased that but went with the 4 camelias roses instead, they too have the marble effect, I liked the little compact. couldnt resist. plus saks sent me some $25 egc. so I putit toward that it only came to about $46, then. pretty winter rose colors!!
  5. oh so is this lipgloss? or eyeshadow.
  6. It's eyeshadow in the quad compact. The camellia is also a quad but it is lipgloss and it is not marbleized like the eyeshadow...I have both.
  7. Congrats! Any pics you might be able to show us??
  8. oooo I cant wait to see pics of your eye shadow!

    here is a pic of the camelia lipgloss quad:

  9. ^ i LOVE the lip gloss i think it looks soo hot, i didint buy it though cuz i ddint know how long lasting it was
  10. i wanna see the eyshadow quad.. i love eyeshadow
  11. That looks toooooooo pretty to use.
  12. i've had my lipgloss quad since september but haven't used it yet. it seems waaay too pretty to use!
  13. ^ I'm the same LOL
  14. OOH! Is this only available at Nordstrom??
  15. I'm glad to know I'm not the only who collects Chanel quad eyeshadows. They have the best colors for my coloring.