Chanel LAX or Prada gaufre?

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  1. Hi guys , Im in a dilemma, I can buy only one of these two bags and I need to choose. One is a chanel lax EW bag and another is a Prada Gaufre in Camel. Which bag would you get if it were to be only one. I know they are completely different types of bags but i need a push in one direction or the other.. Thanks!! I cant post this in the Prada or chanel forums because I think I would get a biased response:PP

    Chanel Lax, This one is white, Ive seen a red one

    This attached pic is the gaufre

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  2. im a chanel girl but it really boils down to which bag u feel will suit ur lifestyle :smile:
  3. yeah, Im new to chanels, I was thinking of going for a classic flap in chanel. In the chanel forums the reviews from this LAX are not very favorable.. what do you think with your experience with chanels? This LAX is a YAY or NAY?
  4. I really like the Prada and I think it's infinitely better than the Chanel in this case. The Prada looks very soft and that rippling is very pretty and will be an eye-catcher. The Chanel looks boxy and I really dislike that it says CHANEL on the front like that. It's more of a "LOOK AT MY CHANEL!" style, which is a bummer. :Push:

    The Prada lets its design speak for it instead of it's label. And it'll be VERY versatile in shape and color!

    Good luck making a decision! ;)
  5. Yeah i think you hit the nail on the head. Thats whats bothering me with this LAx, Its BOXY and it says CHANEL.. blah.. Thanks for your thoughtful response!!
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    Hey, no problem! I'm not biased either because I have neither brand of bag in my purse repertoire. :biggrin: I was looking at a braided leather Prada clutch today at NM that has the same looking leather (squishy and soft) but with a different weaving and it was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. I couldn't stop touching it. I say buy this Prada and make off like a bandit. Mmmm...I can smell that leather now! :drool:
  7. Chanel
  8. Chanel - but there are much less "obvious" Chanel bags out there if that's what's bothering you.
  9. Prada. I am usually not a fan of Chanel even if some of their bags are quite classy, but this one, with the huge CHANEL stamped on it is not even that... tacky, actually.
  10. I prefer the Prada in this case. I love Chanel too, but this particular style is not appealing to me. I agree with the others and think it looks too boxy and don't like that is says CHANEL in bold right on the front.
  11. As you can tell, I really would tend to say Chanel, but this particular one is a bit ostentatious for me. I'd choose something like the Prada because while I like wearing labels, I don't want to be seen like I'm flashing them as much as that Chanel seems to.
  12. I'd usually pic Chanel, but as I'm not a fan of the LAX, I'm going to say the Prada.
  13. There's no beating the Prada gauffre!
  14. I am not a big Chanel fan, but I like Chanel LAX more. Could be because I already own gauffre Prada and don't have Chanel LAX LOL
  15. this is a tough one, I like the Chanel Lax in white, but...I think you would get more wear and use out of the Prada.