Chanel Lambskin Wallet

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  1. I've bought it for a month but not use it yet since I am afraid to easy get sratches on it. Would any user teach me how to take care of it?? Thanks a lot!
  2. Just use it!

    I don't think they can be cared for tbh. I've had mine for nearly a year and some parts are wearing off from overuse, but each time I get it out of my bag it makes me smile.

    C'est la vie ;)
  3. enjoy it! don't mind the scratches this is a give and take world.:okay:
  4. I've had my lambskin wallet for over three years and I don't really baby her at all...she's still in excellent condition. I'd rather have a lambskin wallet than a lambskin least the wallet is protected most of the time. Go ahead and use her, don't let her go to waste.... ;)
  5. Yes, just use it! I thought mine would scratch easily as well but it's still in perfect condition, the only thing I really do to look after it is making sure my keys go in a separate side pocket in my bag so that they aren't rubbing against my wallet. I think lambskin can withstand a lot more wear and tear than you'd think!
  6. I agree with the rest that you should use it. That's what the wallet is create for. Or exchange for a caviar wallet if scratches bothered you :smile:
  7. I've bought another Grey caviar wallet. This is the colour I look for so long. Also I bought the A01112 Grey too. So excited. Anyway, thank you for all ladies here who gave me suggestion.
  8. Excellent advice!
  9. me too. I just always keep my keys in a separate pocket. Just use it. That's why you bought it.

  10. I agree with the above! If you notice some small marks or scratches you can buff them out with with your sunglasses cloth!
  11. I love chanel's greys. They're so pretty. haha enjoy them! =D
  12. Yes. I go crazy with the grey flaps, also red (but not the soft caviar one). Very disappointed HK has no grey caviar jumbo, only lambskin.