Chanel Jumbo where are you????

  1. I am in a huge dilemma. My mom's birthday is a month away and I wanted to surprise her with a Chanel classic flap jumbo which she has been hinting!! She has the Black, white and BEIGE. So I am looking for colors other than those three!! I have called NM, Saks Fifth and Nordstrom. None of those stores have any other colors left period!!!

    I am going to Hong Kong in November, hopefully they have stock there! Anyone out there care to help a fellow PFer to find the bag of her mom's dreams??

  2. Hi well I know they are coming out with a navy in a month or so and also they have dark brown jumbo in lambskin :smile:
  3. What a nice gift for your mother.

    Good luck.
  4. There was a dark brown jumbo in the NM catalog awhile ago. I don't have access to it right now as Im still at work, but I'll let you know the info if I can find it when I'm home. You could try calling NM Customer Service with the number and they could probably order it.

    Anyway, what a good daughter! : )
  5. Call the Beverly Hills store - with the new re-opening of the store - they had a lot of new bags and colors...I wasn't looking for flaps but they must have some other colors of flaps....
  6. OHMYGOD!! navy classic flap?! really! the girls on here told me no seasonal colors will be coming out for f/w :sad:
  7. Thanks gals!!! I called all the way to ASia and they were sold out of Chanel Classic Flaps in Jumbo other than the colors I wanted. It's fustrating trying to find this gift!! Since I am going on a BUsiness Trip to Hong Kong, I was hoping that MAYBE just MAYBE they would have 'colors' by the time I get there, BUT WRONG, everything is SOLD OUT. Geeshhhh.... I put my name down for the navy but I am not impressed with the color as my mom already has the black and the white and the beige. So the NAVY isn't outstanding. It's subtle.

    I was hoping RED or brown would be a better addition to her collection!

    Thanks Purrrfeecctttt for the advise. I am going to call them right now!!!!