Chanel Jewelry

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm hooked on Chanel earrings! I just bought today (off eBay) a Chanel logo gold tone pearl earrings. And after I left work, I was not satisfied with that so I went to Chanel store and purchased another earrings - white loop charm cc dangle earings, gold tone. I love it! I saw the same exact 1 in eBay but its much more expensive that how much I paid for! (Honestly, I'm quite surprise with that)

    Now, if anyone can share other websites besides eBay where I can purchase Chanel jewelries? I definitely would love to own some necklace, rings and other accessories!

  2. congratz on ur new earrings!! :love: I think besides Chanel boutiques, departmental stores and ebay.. there probably isnt anywhere else u can purchase Chanel jewellery.

    Perhaps u could check out some consignment websites.. occassionally they do pop up there. :shame:
  3. ^^yup, those are pretty much your only options.
  4. Thanks for your replies, sammiekat & happie_berrie!

    I kinda figure that out already. I'm just trying to see if there's anymore website to buy stuff!

    Thanks again!:yes: