Chanel in London

  1. Hi Ladies!
    I am off to London for a week on Saturday and was wondering which shop you would recommend?
  2. Hey Dawn

    Lucky you!

    In all of them you really need to ask them to dig stuff out for you - some are better than others. The male SA in the Harrods concession appears to be really good and will dig out stuff from through the back. Sloane Street I found the SA's a bit lacking in knowledge. To be honest they are all much like for like so I would try them all. Don't be put off with lack of stuff out - make them go through the back and dig stuff out. Also if you cant do all of them ask them to call Bond Street etc for you.

    Good luck with your hunt!
  3. i personally found chanel in bond street has better service. I was there on saturday and the SA was so helpful compare to the sloanne street.

    is there anything in particular you are looking for? below is a thread i wrote after visiting the stores. hope the info of the stocklist help you in finding what you are after.

    but yes i do agree with 'Secret' you have to ask and make them dig.

    I don't feel for metallic black reissue :sad: + stocklist - The Purse Forum
  4. THANKS! for the advice. Not looking for anything in particular, just thought I would pop in to see what is different/available there as opposed to here in NJ. I appreciate the suggestions.:tup:
  5. Again, thanks for the information! I did peruse your list and there are a few things on there I would be interested in.....;) Looking forward to my trip even more now!