Chanel Handbags

  1. i know this sounds silly, but does anybody know where i purchase chanel items on the internet instead of going to the store.

  2. You're not going to be able to find Chanel bags in the sense of new straight from Chanel or another dept store. However you can find them on ebay. Thompk and Smoothoprter both sell on ebay and are great PFers.
  3. I thought e-bay was a no-no...:confused1:
  4. I wish there was a site like eluxury that allowed you to buy brand new authentic Chanel. Unfortunately there is no such thing.
  5. eBay has lots of dependable Sellers, you juust have to be VERY careful. There are NO authorized online dealers of Chanel, all you'll be able to find are consignors/resellers.
  6. bluefly sells some previous season chanel items on their web. but the selection is not that great. once in a while they do have cute bags though, but that happen rarely.....most of the chanel they sell are shoes.