Chanel Handbag Collections Online??

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  1. Helllo everyone!

    I would like to know if anyone knows of a website that has the current Chanel handbag collections online, similar to Eluxury where they give you the name, specs, and price of each item? The reason I am asking is because I am planning to order a few handbags from Saks (no sales tax because my local saks does not carry Chanel and would have to order out of state :lol: ) There is a Chanel boutique here but I would feel ackward asking for the model number and other information and waste the SA's time. Thanks!
  2. I honestly don't think there are any websites with the current Chanel line. Maybe one of the other ladies might have more information. Good luck!!!
  3. I really wish there was one. I don't think I'd ever be able to set foot in a Chanel boutique anytime soon. When I finally save up the cash to make a purchase, I'll walk into Saks or Bloomingdales and buy whatever they have that I'd like.:worried:
  4. Why do you feel awkward? Just walk in there, look around and ask about the bag you're looking for. I did that last week, I don't care if I'm not buying anything from them that day (I did the next day :lol: ). It might be easier for you to do that instead of trying to find something online. I've tried before and couldn't find much.
  5. there are some bags on bluefly....not so many, but better than nothing!!
  6. You can always call Chanel's 800 number, and the CS rep is more than happy to provide that kind of information (with no pressure to buy from them). I can't recall the number off of the top of my head, but it's on the site.
  7. ok i know this is kinda gross but i often check the sites that sell replicas, they usually knock off actual items so it's a good place to get an idea of what chanel has put out. some sites even show the retail price of the real thing beside their own price although i find those retail prices are usually a little low.
  8. I do that also Dogbiskit. I was looking for pictures of the Cambon Overnight bag, and the only place I could find it was on ioffer. But in my experience I've seen the retail prices somewhat higher than they actually are.

    I've heard that it is possible to request Chanel catalogs from the 800 number. Anyone know if that is true?
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