Chanel GST vs LV Alma vernis

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  1. Hey everyone!

    So I finally ready to order my Chanel GST, in black with gold hardware, however over the weekend I got the chance to visit the Louis Vuitton store and tried on both the rouge fauvist vernis alma pm and the amarante.

    And I fell in love, I didnt impulse buy as i wanted to think it over but im now wondering if I should go for the LV vernis alma?

    Just a note on what I want to put in it, my LV sarah wallet, Chanel sunglasses (with case) umbrella, small cosmetic bag, small mirror, headphones.... Thats pretty much it. I have a separate bag for my laptop folders etc.

    Which do you think i should get?

    This will be a some what everyday bag. :smile:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Anyone?
  3. I love Chanel, but I've never liked the GST. I much prefer the Alma. The Rouge is the most GORGEOUS shade of red. I do think the Alma Vernis is a tad more dressier than the GST.
  4. I have a GST and an epi alma pm. I don't think everything you want to carry will fit in the alma. I also have a Sarah and usually carry sunglasses (often chanel) and it is right. I don't think a cosmetic bag will fit, let alone a sma umbrella. I love them both but given your needs, I think the GST will work better.
  5. I'm re-looking at what you need to carry. As clu13 mentioned, you will not be able to fit all in the Alma PM. I have the Alma Epi GM and it is huge inside. If you want to go w the LV, your best bet is the GM. The GST will however be a lot easier to get in and out of. The Alma's are very stiff. How you want to carry it should also be taken into consideration. The GST can obviously be carried hands free. As for the Alma PM, it is meant to be carried on arm which can get heavy. You can purchase a cross body strap for the PM but I find it cumbersome. Good luck.
  6. I have both but prefer using the Alma because its less heavy and bulky. I do prefer the interior of the GST though. But I have 4 Almas and I really do love the design..
  7. I have looked in the lv sub forum and the ladies over there seem to be able to fit quite a bit in their Alma's
  8. Ive had both. The gst is very boxy and not that great to be honest. Its so hard to keep it on my shoulder. The alma vernis is a bit flashier but the style is better. The shape of the bag is beautifully designed and made.
  9. I think LV Alma is a beautiful bag but it's not roomy at all. It does look pretty big but it doesn't fit enough.

    My Chanel GST is my work bag. I carry so many things - LV wallet, LV mm agenda, iPad, sunglasses, make up case, umbrella and my work documents.

    You should check out the "Whats in my bag" threads both in LV and Chanel forums to understand what is more useful for you.

    Good luck!
  10. A friend has a GST and she can fit tons inside her bag
  11. I am in love with the Chanel GST. I believe it can house your stuff. It somehow bothers my mom that you can't really zip the entire bag so if you're like her, better not buy it.

    An LV Alma PM is not gonna cut it. If you get a GM, your stuff will fit in, but are you a top-handle kinda-girl? If not, an Alma with all those stuff might get heavy after a while.

    Also, are you set on Vernis? I have an Alma Vernis GM that I used as an everyday bag. Big mistake on my part. It has a lot of scratches now. That upset me so I bought an Alma Epi PM. Doesn't have a lot of scratches at all but I don't treat it like an everyday bag.

    Hope this helps a bit.
  12. Alma seems more fancy and gst is more everyday to me! So depending on your daily routine :smile:
  13. I'd go with the LV Alma which will allow you carry a lot of items.