Chanel Gals in T.O.

  1. I understand that the Chanel boutique on Bloor in Toronto has sales twice a year, Boxing Day (Dec.26) and the first 2 weeks in June.

    Have you ever gone? Does everything go on sale? What kind of discounts are we talking about, here? Is it worth waiting until June?

    I think I am in the market for a medium black flap (GASP!) w/ silver hardware. I'd love to go lambskin...

    How much do these run in Cdn$$?

    Thanks for anyone who can help w/ some answers or advice!! ;)
  2. The Boxing Day sale actually starts a bit earlier. Preferred customers get first pick. For instance, I'm 'kind of' preferred, but by the time I was told "in advance" many things were already pre-sold to customers more important than me.

    I can't remember much about the June sale. It can't have been very good, if I have no memory of it.

    Only very seasonal things go on sale... nothing classic or timeless. I doubt any flaps will go on sale, unless they are for one season only.
  3. The timeless classic line never goes on sale - the only flaps I've seen on sale as the tweed and other seasonal ones that did not sell out. BTW, our sales are nowhere like the US... I remember when the Cambon line was on huge sales last summer, it was still being sold at regular price in Calgary!

    For pricing, you'll find this thread helpful:
  4. the only flap i've seen on sale in addition to the tweed, was this pony hair one, it was quite gorgeous actually.
  5. Thanks!