Chanel Fur Bag?

  1. Hi, does anyone know what does a fur bag in ball shape looks like? I believe they come in cream and lilac color :love:
  2. i think i saw this bag on sales at Saks. It was a liliak fur ball shaped bag.
  3. Yes one of the sales at Saks told me about this bag, I just don't really know how it looks like and after 70% off it still comes down to 8xx so I didn't buy it..... do you have a picture of it by chance? Do you like it? :yes:
  4. i dont have a picture, but, honestly, i did not like it at all.... You could not even tell it was Chanel from first look. SO not worth the big $$$.
    But that's just my opinion.
  5. Yes from her description it didn't really sound that attractive to me either....
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