chanel from paris to singpore

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  1. if chanel paris were to ship the item to singapore what would the shipping charge be approximately? any idea girls?:shrugs:
  2. One bag = 60 Euro
    Two bags = 80 Euro

    I have not had the pleasure of buying three bags at a time...yet! :nuts:
  3. the faubourg store ships for 80 euros. there is a 2 bag minimum. other stores have charged up to 200euros for one bag. u will have to call them to check.

  4. 200 Euros for one bag! :wtf:
  5. yup. if you do a search in the chanel shopping subforum, i believe a fellow tPFer paid $200euros to ship her reissue from Paris to HK.
  6. :weird: €200 for shipping? That's outrageous!
  7. But I am in Hong Kong and I just bought a single bag from Chanel FSH (yesterday) and I paid 60 euro.......................?
  8. Holy cow, I know! The shipping is crazy expensive in Paris!! I shipped back a 7kg box of books back home when I was studying in Paris and it cost me €35++ for a box that was probably 12 inches long in length. It was really pathetically small so I was curious why they told me it was a box that could fit 7kg worth of things and they told me the size was their largest! ACKS! I shipped back 3 boxes thinking they would help ease the burden of my luggage overload when I returned home. Apparently they didn't help at all!
  9. ^^^ probably because you bought too much good stuff over there, C! ;)

    -200 euros is CRAZY... I would just use it as an excuse to put that much towards traveling there and get the bag myself :lol: