Chanel for a diaper bag??

  1. Wow. If I'm that rich, I will use a Chanel for a diaper bag.. Of course! I would love to...
  2. Judging from the picture, it looks like its a good size.
  3. How cool what a Chanel Diaper bag be...
  4. There's the baby animal diaper bag that was on sale if you're interested
  5. it's certainly big enough but i like a diaper bag to have compartments so i don't have to rummage around. i would not use this bag for that reason and also because i think it would be too heavy and i would be very unhappy if the bag got wet (soiled clothes, leaky bottle) or dirty, which this bag certainly would. you also need to figure out how you and baby will be getting around. if you will mostly be walking with baby in a carrier or stroller, you probably won't want to use a nice bag which will get stuffed in the stroller basket, hung off the stroller handles or set down on the ground or a public changing area. if you will mostly be getting around by car then a nice diaper bag won't take as much of a beating.
  6. what a gorgeous bag. not sure if it would work as diaper bag but you can try.
  7. I once considered a nice tote for a diaper bag, but now that my little one is here, I remember what kind of messes happen! A plain black canvas tote works for me (this way it won't compete with my handbag)
  8. I wouldn't use it as a diaper bag. The color is so light and the leather is delicate and it isn't really durable enough to use with a baby. If you really wanted to use a Chanel as a diaper bag... look for something in caviar perhaps...
  9. the bag is not large enough, i'm saying just bec' of experience....i'm using the gucci baby bag, it's much better, plus it's not as delicate as chanel's leather....anyway, i love chanel tooo much i wouldn't ruin it for anything:smile:
  10. If you don't want the baby animals diaper bag, which, I believe, is Chanel's only real diaper bag right now, then I would say the large Paris-Biarritz tote. It has 2 side pockets and is very, very roomy! And best of all, it's coated canvas so you don't have to worry. (I know, I'm always praising this bag! I just love it, and I feel it didn't get enough love!)
  11. I use my Chanel Beige Sport Line Tote for a diaper bag. I love it, however, I don't use it everyday. It isn't practical for storing bottles, diapers, etc. I usually use it when I'm going to an event or on vacation. It makes me feel like I'm a "fashionable" mom and I don't have to carry my other Chanel purses with the baby.
  12. I was thinking about getting a h/e diaper bag until I came back down to reality. Like other posters have said, it will get messy and I have to have compartments. I'm a soon to be new mom so I got a regular leather diaper bag that will stand the test of time.

    However, w/ that said, if you can deal w/ getting the chanel dirty and don't mind, go for it!
  13. I would go for a more functional diaper bag, it doesn't make sense to spend $$$ on a bag that is only going to get dirty.
  14. Maybe I'll be in the minority but honestly, using any of my Chanels as a possible poop recipticle is seriously unappealing. I'd go for an actual diaper bag that I wouldn't care about destroying.

    It isn't an affordability issue, merely a practicality one IMHO.