Chanel Eyeglasses Frames in Chicago?

Aug 7, 2006
Chicago, IL
Does anyone know any (reputable!) optometrist stores that stock Chanel frames in the Chicago area? I am replacing my (six year old!) Ralph Lauren frames and I want to get a pair of frames I saw on (The #3131 model with the white camelias on the hinge, to be specific.)

I already know about Lens Crafters, but are there any other optometrists who have them in stock on a regular basis? Am I just better off going to a Chanel boutique?


Chi town Chanel

Dec 18, 2007
the Mothership
Hey, I had the same problem. All I could find was LensCrafters. I haven't replaced my Guccis yet, but when I do, I plan to go with Chanel frames.

If anyone knows more locations where they are available, please post.